What is


TROBIK is a database whose objective is to help people recover their lost / stolen items / animals easily, quickly and efficiently, worldwide.

Every day, many items and animals are lost and stolen. There isn’t any tool that collects all these items / animals in one place so that they can be found anywhere in the world.

Many of the items / animals are resold in the same or another country that may be thousands of kilometres away from where they were lost or stolen. TROBIK is the only platform that offers this international service.

At TROBIK, we are creating the world 's largest database for items / animals which have been lost and stolen. We offer a collaborative platform where the users help to find a lost or stolen item / animal and where it can be operated 24 hours a day and every day of the week.

Through the TROBIK community, anyone who finds an item / animal can contact the owner and return it by the means they agree on. And if they consider necessary, they can contact the authorities of their respective country.

At TROBIK, we also give users the possibility to create their own database to save all their items/animals with the most important data (serial or chip numbers, license plates, photos, etc.). In case of being lost/stolen, the user can publish easily in Trobik with the relevant information already in place.

TROBIK will have the right to remove any publication that negatively affects the image of the brand.

How does Trobik work?

Have you lost or stolen an item/animal?

Publish it and our community will help you find it.

Have you found some lost property?

Search for it in our database and if you find it, then you can contact the owner to return it or contact the authorities in your country.

If you do not find this item in our database, you can publish it as “found” and if the owner searches for it, he can find it.

Are you going to buy a second-hand or new item at a very low price and want to check that it has not been stolen?

Search for it in our database. If you find it, it is a sign that it might be stolen or lost item. Contact the owner or the authorities in your country.

Do you want to have your own file of personal items/animals with all their most relevant data and photographs in case one day they are stolen or lost?

Archive them privately on TROBIK. Create your own database containing the most important information that only you will be able to see.